With Green Screen Technology you are the star            

                                 Your guests make & take home their own Music Video


                                                         YOU ARE THE STAR


Disguised beneath our fabulous costumes and props all inhibitions disappear, giving you and your guests the opportunity to lip-sync any one of hundreds of songs. Our song list is constantly being updated with the top 40 songs from each weeks national survey. While you're dancing and acting out the lyrics to your favorite songs, our lights are on, our cameras are rolling, and laughter fills the room. Each guest goes home with a DVD recording of their performance. You as a party thrower yourself will receive a master DVD of everybody's act.   Bring Hollywood to your Party To your party we bring: DVD recorders, TVs, hats, wigs, costumes, props, blow up instruments. Each DVD is labeled with name and date of the event. The entertainment is shared by all ages whether adult or child. The hidden talent comes out in everybody. Multicolor special effects including fade, overlays, wipes, dissolves are just some of the special MTV- like effects.

              Make your own